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Together, the couple has three children: Charlie (b. The separation was extremely difficult for Laurie, but both he and his wife decided that uprooting their children would be too difficult.

The family is notoriously private, and Laurie does his best to avoid the spotlight. House in America, Laurie spent nine months out of every year separated from his wife and family, who lived in North London.

Furness became Hugh Jackman girlfriend, and their relationship grew in intensity as they continued to work on the series. Jackson worked closely with a local jeweler to find the right engagement ring and design the wedding bands.

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Furness, who was 13 years Jackson’s senior, was already a well-established actor at this time, while Correlli represented Jackson’s first major role.Bruce has remarked that Jackman “was always a gentleman.” Jackson did not have any regular relationships during his early twenties.