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01-Nov-2017 06:41

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Originally from Denver and now living in NYC, Angie has been writing since she was small.She lives in the Flatiron district with her partner Tanya and their mutt Sparky (always adopt!Chemistry is the only thing that is a given so it does not need to be added to the list. If a man does not have all 10 things on your list do not step off the curb to date him no matter how handsome or rich he is. The first man is the front-runner on your list, the second one you are not sure about and the third one is the one who most likely will become a friend that you feel comfortable with.

We don't want to friend you too quickly and look too enthusiastic.

From cougars to coed living, listeners can stream the show live and interact by phone, email or Twitter.

I heard someone say the other day that the Christian values demanded in relationships were either impossible to attain in this century or were never really attainable.

Maintaining these values are really a matter of choice and the strength of your convictions.

There are too many Christian men who couldn’t care less about these values, but if you do then these tips are for you, they are extremely helpful in maintaining the values of purity, focus and longevity in relationships.

While I disagree with Him, I can really see why he would think that.

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