Should whites dating blacks

17-Aug-2017 14:38

No offense, I'm genuinely curious, but where are you from? I mean Kobe Bryant's wife is Mexican-American and Salma Hayek is married to the whitest Belgian in existence probably.

mentions, there's an apprehension from both racial perspectives but often for different reasons.

“If you do one thing wrong, you could be suspended and off this campus,” Walker said.

“I’m walking on thin ice.” Walker says the school claimed her flyers created a hostile environment on campus.

There certainly are some more open minded people out there as well.

A student at Southern Methodist University says she could get suspended because of a flyer she posted last fall on campus that was intended to support black students. “They handed me one of the hardest punishments you can get on SMU,” she said. In November, she made a flyer that she titled “Why White Women Should Date Black Men” and posted 150 copies of it around the campus grounds.

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Another reason is that people tend to gravitate to familiarity.He didn’t stop her, in fact he laughed & encouraged her while giving her a few ideas and talking points.

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